Corporate Social Responsibility

The postal sector has always been a key player in the economic and social life of all European countries. Its impact on our society is immensely wide. From its social role of providing communications services, its contribution to the national Growth Domestic Product (GDP) and the economic activities, its widespread physical presence to impacting the lives of the many employees and the environment. Postal operators have thus a historical and structural responsibility towards the society which is deeply embedded in their culture; CSR is high on the agenda of PostEurop Members with the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Circle.

Social responsibility is an essential lever of economic development and innovation; it should be well articulated with performance in order to ensure the sustainable development of the postal operators. Caring about resources consumption, employees’ well-being and territorial development is key to the long-term viability of companies. Through a wide range of activities, PostEurop Members lead the way by including social and environmental realities into everyday postal businesses.

The CSR Circle

The main objectives of the Circle is to give PostEurop Members a forum for exchanging good practices and be a CSR developments knowledge centre, in particular through projects on specific fields of interest. It aims at providing PostEurop Members with the ability to ensure the fulfilment of their social responsibility in all its facets, from ensuring qualitative employment by development of human resources through training to CSR and limiting the impact of postal operators on the environment. The social dialogue activities involve co-operation with trade unions and provide a means to improve the social environment in the enterprise.

CSR Circle Working Groups

PostEurop CSR Publications

The CSR Brochure of Best Practices is an annual dedicated publication which was introduced for the first time in 2013. It aims to promote the leading role of PostEurop members in the CSR field by presenting the various actions taken by them in three categories: Employees, Society and Environment. Since 2013, around 347 CSR practices have been collected.

Learn moreThe POSTEUROP CSR « Coups de Cœur »

"CSR Coups de Coeur" is a competition created in 2014 which aims at rewarding members’ best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility in the fields of Employees, Society and Environment.



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  1. 2023 CSR brochure
  2. 2022 CSR brochure
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  10. 2014 CSR brochure (PDF, 27MB)
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  12. Periodic CSR Newsletters


Several postal operators participate in the activities of the circle including:

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Updated 15 January 2024

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